Our Story

With a vision to transform and enhance tea drinking experience, MOONLIGHT TEA brings the most exquisite cold brew teas and tea products to the community.


Our Name —


A Gentle Self−reflection

In contrast to the Sun, the Moon is a gentle force of nature. It is a mirror that reflects our inner self. Bathing under the pale luminescent, one shall find clarity and purity in the most fast-paced city.

The touch of the white light will unfold every mundane matter. The warmth of the moon shows the pure tranquillity in yourself. Moonlight helps you to find your better self in this metropolis. 


Our Values —



Ethical living is an attitude of respect to the mother nature. To curate premium tea leaves that are quality guaranteed from ethically and environmentally responsible tea gardens, it is our way to support sustainability. 




Wellness is a state of being healthy. We care about your physical health and psychological growth. Only one could reach the ability to see the fineness of life once they cherish the equilibrium of the body and the mind.





Quality is a never-ending pursuit. Moonlight provides the quality product and customised service in a professional manner. Holding a bottle of Moonlight cold-brew tea is an attitude of quality living.


Tea should be taken in solitude. 


– C.S. Lewis