Yame Sencha 八女煎茶

Yame Sencha 八女煎茶


Yame is located in Fukuoka, Japan. It is a city with fertile soil and the dynamic temperature difference between day and night, making it the perfect place to grow Green Tea. Yame Sencha is not only emerald-green in colour, its taste is also exquisitely refreshing. The sweetness of Green Tea goes perfectly with its subtle bitterness. Combining with its long-lasting aftertaste, Yame Sencha is an all-rounded and balanced Green Tea.

Origin: Fukuoka, Japan
Ingredient: Green tea leaves
Net: 25g (2.5g x 10)

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Brewing Method

    • Select a 300mL mug
    • Prepare 90°C water

    • Warm the mug by adding water

    • Pour the water out

    • Place the tea bag

    • Add water (avoiding the tea bag)

    • Let it brew for 3-4 minutes

    • Take the tea bag out

    • Tea is ready



    3-4 Minutes


    1 Tea Bag




    Resteep 2-4 Times