A New Way of Tea Drinking


Moonlight Cold Brew Tea dramatically enhances the degree of tea appreciation. It introduces quality tea drinking to the age of convenience. Elegantly designed bottle filled with excellent tea from around the world. A taste of complex aroma. It's the best-bottled tea.



Perfect Balance in Taste


Mastering the art of tea making, our experienced tea sommeliers have found the perfect proportion of tea leave and water. With 8-10 hours of brewing, the bottle unfolds layers of complex aroma in each sip.



Unforgettable Flavors


Get ready to sample the best-bottled tea in town! Cold Brew Tea comes in two flavours and offers a smooth yet complex sensation in both aroma and taste. Earl Grey Tea and Darjeeling 1st Flush Black Tea would be the ideal choices for tea-lovers, fulfilling their curiosity in excellent tea tasting.



Display the True Color


The perfect Moonlight bottle comes from nothing but hard work. Moonlight has designed our only bottle. We pay attention to the texture. We pay attention to the transparency. We want the true colour of tea to be displayed splendidly.



Finest Tea To Go


Teas from ethical tea gardens are contained in our refined Moonlight bottle. A taste of quality is held in hand and just one lid away from heaven. Our small bottle is 330mL, the ideal size to be carried around in everyday busy city life.



Internationally Qualified

Darjeeling Tea Estates commit dearly in environmental protection. Many of the tea estates have awarded international certificates from United States Department Of Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade etc. Those certificates have proven that Premium Black Tea is all natural and safe, and does no harm to the environment.