The Grading System of Black Tea


Less in volume,
higher in quality.


When it comes to the art of tea making, “SFTGFOP1” is the highest honour to be crowned for tea estates that is worth hundreds of years in the pursuit of recognition.

It is somewhat difficult to measure how great a cup of tea is because each person has its unique sensation towards the aroma and texture of tea. However, dry tea leave could be graded according to its plucking method, the degree of delicacy in purification and the shape completion of tea leave after drying.

SFTGFOP1 is an acronym for "Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe One”, which has genuinely represented the well-developed and sophisticated grading system.

This title has the same meaning to carefully selection in handpicking fresh leaves. Only the newest leaves will be collected in the plucking process. Then selected tea leaves will undergo three times of examination, to filter out uneven ones. Such stringent cross-checking scheme has led to less volume of dry tea leaves but extremely high quality in production, making Darjeeling Premium Black Tea as rare as a blue rose.

In the world of black tea, there are only a few could acquire this prestigious title. Bringing the floral aroma from the Himalayas, Moonlight is dedicated to sharing the taste of quality with all tea-lovers.