From Fresh Tea Leave to Special Finest Black Tea


Quality comes from everything but luck.


Amazed by the champagne-like colour of our Darjeeling First Flush, tea lovers often wonder the authenticity of the Premium Black Tea. “Is it black tea at all? Isn’t black tea have a rather strong favour? Why there is such distinct floral aroma?” The answer to all these questions: Yes, it is black tea sure as fate. Let us read more for the secret of the light-bodied and floral aroma of Premium Black Tea.

Absorbing the organic substances on the land of Himalayas, the changing climate in Darjeeling has cultivated particular favour in its black tea leaves. The detailed-oriented tea making process further enhances the smooth and elegant taste of Premium Black Tea. For instance, each tip of Darjeeling First Flush is hand-picked by tea growers. Then the tips will be placed in a low-temperature indoor environment for withering, to undergo the procedure of moisture evaporation. Once the moisture evaporates from the plant, the tips will be rolling in different stages. Fermentation and low-temperature drying will be the last steps of making the perfect Premium Black Tea. The art of tea making focuses on drawing out the individual characteristic of tea leaves, and therefore it has a rather low degree of fermentation. The whole tea making process must be conducted in a short period of time; otherwise, the smooth and unique favour will be absent from brewing.

The devoted professionalism of tea estate has always been transcending in the tea making process. Each batch of Premium Black Tea will be carefully selected and sealed in wooden boxes according to its grading. So every cup of Moonlight Tea has loaded with gratitude of tea masters.

Moonlight truly believes in a taste of quality comes from everything but luck.