Various Types of Black Tea


It is always nice to have a cup of warm black tea in the late autumn. Standing in front of a shelf in the supermarket, you will see various types of black tea: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, Keemun. You are now wondering which black tea to get and what are their differences.


Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea is a tea from Sri Lanka (a nation that is formerly known as Ceylon). Tropics with prolonged exposure of sunlight, Ceylon tea tends to have a bold and full body in which goes with other types of tea perfectly, making it the first indigent for the Hong Kong style milk tea.

Assam Tea

The elevation of tea garden has a profound relation to the taste of black tea. Comparing to tea that grows on high altitude, Assam Tea has the sense of malt with an earthy smell. Its rich body is often used as the base of mix tea.

Keemun Tea

Keemun Tea is the representative of Chinese Black Tea. Growing in Qimen, Keemun Tea is well known for its floral notes. Tea lovers fall in love with the orchid-like fragrance, as well as the long-lasting taste of non-astringency. Keemun Tea is best when you drink it pure.

Among all these types of black tea, Moonlight has prepared the most beautiful Premium Black Tea for our tea lovers in Hong Kong. The exquisite honey sense of Darjeeling First Flush will be contained in a small bag of tea, warming you up with a cup of hot water in the breezy late autumn.