The Secret of Premium Black Tea


A classification  comparable to the winery scheme.


Getting to know Darjeeling Black Tea, one must collect the premium tea leaves.

Not every Darjeeling black tea could be catalogued as Premium Black Tea. In fact, there are only 87 tea estates recognised by the Indian authority. Only black teas produced from these tea estates can be awarded as Premium Black Tea. Being the rare jewel in the world of tea, Premium Black Tea has not only the insufficient output but also excellent quality control.



Adopted the winery system, each tea estate has its unique value and principle towards the business operation. From the preservation of its natural environment to the types of tea tree and tea making standard, Premium Black Tea has a high degree of identification regarding the tasting profile. Detailed and itemised description of origin, harvest climate and rewarded supreme grading are printed on the package of Premium Black Tea, allowing tea lovers to build a clear impression of the tea they are sampling in which such classification is highly comparable to the winery scheme.

Moonlight truly believes in the value of quality tea drinking. For that reason, we introduce Darjeeling First Flush to the international stage of Hong Kong. Originating in Lizahill Tea Estate, this Premium Black Tea has embraced over 140 years of history. A taste of quality will surely make you fall in love with the allure of Premium Black Tea.